TENTATIVE DATE: Saturday, December 14th, 2019

This fully off-road experience will offer the full triathlon for the brave of heart (and cold water tolerant), a duathlon for those who prefer to keep their swimming for the more enjoyable weather, or a mountain bike ride or trail run for those who prefer to just do one sport at a time.

There will be Advance, Intermediate, and Beginner divisions for safety and to allow the fast peeps to do their thing, and allow those who are newer to trails or less confident to be able to hang back and do what they feel is safe, or even walk their bike over the technical sections if needed.

The swim (for the full Tri) will be approximately 500 yards in the frigid winter waters of Hensley lake.

The bike will be on the trail (mostly single track) on a looped course over the approximately 6 mile loop. Advanced and Intermediate groups will do 2 laps, the beginner group will do 1.

The run will be approximately 3 miles on the trail (single track) around the front half of the Hensley off road area around the frisbee golf track.  

Full Refunds accepted up until October 31 (refunds will be minus the RunSignup processing fee).